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MF 10/12 Information


MF 12 Hydra Speed

Fuel Tank 2 1/2 US gals. -- 2.1 Imp. gals.
Engine Crankcase 50 ozs.
Rear axle and differential 2 US pts. -- 1.7 Imp. pts.
Hydrostatic Transmission 3 US qts. -- 2.5 Imp. qts.
  Reservoir 2 US pts. -- Imp. 1.7 pts.

Approx. Weight 680 lbs.
Length 67"
Width 35 1/2"
Height (top of steering wheel) 41 3/4"
Ground Clearance 7"
Turning Radius 7 1/2 ft.
Wheel Base 44"
Front Tread 28"
Rear Tread 27" or 33"
Tire Sizes
  Front 4.80/4.00-8 25PSI or 16x6.50-8 10-12PSI
  Rear 6x12 10-12PSI or 23x8.50-12 6-8PSI

Make: Tecumseh
Model: HH120
Bore: 3 1/2"
Stroke: 2 7/8"
Displacement: 27.66 cu. in.
Brake Horse power (at 3600 RPM [SAE Code J607 Rating]: 12 HP
Governed Speed
  Min: 1650 to 1950 RPM
  Max: 3350 to 3650 RPM

IGNITION (Solid State)
Spark Plug Type: Champion J-8
Spark Plug Gap: .028 in.

Battery: 45 amp. hour



The freewheeling valve is located on the upper left side of the transmission. This allows for pushing the tractor in the case of a breakdown, etc.

There is a drain valve located on the bottom of the fuel bowl for winter fuel draining. Simply push up on the valve.

Change engine oil every 25 operating hours. SAE 30 if above 32 degrees, below 32 use SAE 10, below 0 use SAE 5W.

Change rear axle oil every 100 hours or yearly, fill with SAE 90 EP Transmission oil until it runs our of level plug. DO NOT OVERFILL.

For the hydro transmission use hydraulic transmission fluid type "A" which is also used in automotive transmissions. Change fluid every 25 hours or monthly.