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Massey Ferguson Garden Tractor FAQ

Where can I get parts?

Most parts can be obtained from a local AGCO servicing dealer, If the part that you are looking for isn't available OEM, there are many other parts sources. If what you're looking for is a bearing or seal, check at your local Napa auto parts dealer or a good tractor dealer. If you're looking for sheet metal parts, steering, etc. you will need to find a source of used parts for your tractor. The MFGT links page lists several Yahoo! clubs for garden tractors where there are members with parts for sale. There are also many lawn and garden equipment junkyards in the US.

Are manuals still available?

Yes. Most manuals are available for MF garden tractors from AGCO. also has several reproduction manuals available for MF garden tractors. A manual will probably be about the best thing you buy for your tractor. For most models, owners, parts, and service manuals are available.

Where can I ask questions/get support for my MF garden tractor?

There is a very helpful Yahoo! club on MF garden tractors with many members with knowledge about MF garden tractors. Also, a good AGCO dealer should be able to help you out with some questions.

What can my lawn/garden tractor be used for?

The MF 7 and MF 8 attachments were as follows: 

Note: all MF lawn/garden tractors can pull a standard or MF 641 dump cart, and/or light duty pull behind attachments.

-MF 710 34" mower deck

-MF 720 36" snow blower

-MF 730 40" dozer/snow blade

MF 10/12

-MF 610 42" mower deck

-MF 620 40" snow blower

-MF 630 42" dozer/snow blade

-MF 650 22" tiller

Note: the MF 10/12 had many other attachments available, including loaders, sickle bar mowers, and a sleeve hitch which supported plows, harrows, etc.

MF 14/16

-MF ?510? 48" mower deck

-MF 520 snow blower

-MF 530 48" dozer/snow blade

-MF 550 34" tiller

Note: the MF 14/16 had many other attachments, and also had a 3 point hitch, which supported standard 3 point implements, such as plows, harrows, etc.

Removing steering wheels

Here is another way for you if you don't have a 3 jaw puller.
Go to your local hardware store and buy 5/8 fine thread bolt about
3 to 4 inches long with a nut [you may need a different size], remove steering wheel nut and place new nut on covering about half of the threads on steering shaft, screw the bolt down inside the nut so it's tight, sit on the tractor seat with a hammer, place your knees under the outer part of the wheel and push up against the wheel and hit the head of the bolt squarely, may take a few blows to get the wheel to move. Don't place the new nut tight against the wheel leave a little room (a few threads 2to3 ). This is how I remove steering wheels as I don't have 3 jaw puller that will work, have removed several this way even old rusty ones.
Note: always use lots of WD40 or similar penetrating oil
From a message board


Some interesting MF parts that are still available

Note: although the author of this list tried to get it as accurate as possible, please check the part numbers against a parts list or check them with your dealer before ordering.

528317M91 Bottom Grille for MF10 $116.23

528323M1 Grille Screen for MF10 $20.00

1038892M91 Carburetor for MF10 $190.52

1039083M92 Short Block for MF10 $927.70

1039081M92 Short Block for MF10 $923.16

184989M92 Light Switch for MF10 $27.35

1031851M1 Rear Light Lens MF10 $3.82

511531M2 Hood Cap Emblem- Many $12.96

511527M1 "Massey-Ferguson" Decal MF10 $7.19

511582M1 Choke and Throttle Decal $5.54

1023459M1 MF650 Tiller Tine $3.02

1023461M1 MF650 Tiller Tine $3.02

1030235M1 MF630 Blade Trip Spring $21.48

1032843M1 MF620 Snow Thrower Drive Belt $40.53

511283M2 MF610 Mower Blade Housing $101.76

511321M1 MF610 Mower Blade Shaft $29.46

1039094M91 Front Wheel 6.50X8 MF10 $81.37

511165M91 Brake Band MF10 $36.70

1035277M1 Choke and Throttle Knobs MF8 $6.71

527096M92 Choke Control Assy. MF8 $35.94

517512M2 Front Ball Joint MF8 $9.77

518315M1 Electric Start Decal $9.81

1050320M91 MF3860 Lawn Sweeper Brush Strip $19.63

538086M1 Glove Compartment MF1200 $15.47

538070M1 Step Tread MF1200 $6.92

533075M91 Grass Deflector MF610 ONLY $5.00!

511282M91 Complete MF610 Mower Gear Box $211.64

30522E92 ONE-PIECE SEAT FOR MF12 ETC. $76.91


533951M1 "MF16" ROUND DECAL $6.00



507435M91 MF10 FRONT PTO SHIELD $30.25


3020704M1 MF1200 MAIN HOOD LABEL LH $14.13

3020705M1 MF1200 MAIN HOOD LABEL RN $14.13

538026M93 MF1200 GRILLE PANEL ASSY. $186.96

3020526M91 MF1200 HOOD

511438M1 MF12 MF14 ETC. HEADLIGHT BRCKT. $32.37